Monday, January 14, 2013

Week 2 Weigh-In

aka: it's probably water weight!

14 Jan 2013: 204.2 lbs
07 Jan 2013: 208.9 lbs

I've been drinking a lot of crystal light and cutting down on our soda stream soda (although I do drink a liter or so each week of either "Cola Zero" or the diet raspberry soda which are both good) I drink Coke Zero or iced tea when we're out and about.. and I even still have a coffee treat now & again when we go to Peet's for beans or last night when I was desperate for a bathroom and had to stop in at Starbucks.. A grande "skinny" vanilla latte is 3 points plus. =)

I know I need to step up the exercising though. Sean said he'd hook up the wii fit so we'll see what happens with that! =)

One thing I've found out is taking the trash out is a great way to get the steps in! I made two trips yesterday: first to take out the trash and then the cat litter. That, along with our running errands last night put me just over 10,000 steps (10,103 steps actually). So if you wear an activity meter of some kind, keep it on! Every little thing counts!

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