Saturday, December 24, 2011

If I gain weight this week..

Happy Christmas Eve! I'm still tracking my food! But if I gain weight I got a good reason or two.. or three.. Could be the chocolate cravings I had last night (satisfied with 2 servings of Ghirardeli chocolate squares..) or..
Nickel Diner
Or it could be my choice for Christmas Eve breakfast at The Nickel:
Cameron's Puppy Pile
Cameron's Puppy Pile. Cause I was craving pancakes & meat.. I ended up having half the fried egg.. that saved me a point (which came in handy for the sausage which is a full sized chicken apple sausage) and the pancakes.. buttermilk pancakes, that is.

Good Stuff and really hit the spot. I should be set for the rest of the day right?? ;P

Nickel Diner Breakfast Menu

Monday, December 19, 2011

End of Week 50

..or something like that.

Was away since Thanksgiving (when I weighed about 182.6) and then returned the night of the 11th from Orlando.. Which I must note, the 2012 program went into effect on the 2nd of December. Not happy about that. My points plus target went from 29 daily points plus to 26... Yes it makes a difference to me.

So the last week of vacation I went off program, still tracking & walking a LOT but didn't worry about how many points I ate, which resulted with about a 5lb weight gain..

Started fresh on the wagon this last week tho even while I was down with a cold. Lots of salad, fruits and and yogurt.. with an occasional treat now & again.. Hot tea w/ honey or watered down hot cocoa-moo for my throat.

19 DEC 2011: 182.1 lbs

So.. I still have the cold but I'm going to try and stay on program til the end of the year and then start over fresh with a "Week 1.2" type log.. or something like that just to make it clear that it's the 2nd year on program or 2012 or what-have-you.

One thing I know. It's hard (and almost impossible) to stay on program at Disney World. I'm not saying it's not possible, it's just very freaking difficult. =)