Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Can't sleep.

I know getting a good night's rest is important for proper functioning. I've always seemed to have suffered from one form of insomnia or another. Lately my mind keeps me up more than usual and the natural sleep aid I usually take didn't work.

I've been sleeping a lot during the day so I'm sure that's part of the problem but when I want to get back on track, it's not happening. I know what's keeping me up and what my mind is on. That doesn't help (the knowing why)..

Not sure what the point of this post is really. I guess just to remind myself to work on getting better, smarter sleep.

Maybe it'll help me lose weight if I'm processing things & allowing myself the recovery time in a healthy manner.

Monday, March 28, 2011

End of Week 12

Today's weigh in.. not too exciting but at least it's movement.

28 Mar 2011: 199.4
21 Mar 2011: 200.7 lbs
14 Mar 2011: NO WEIGH IN (was in Michigan)
07 Mar 2011: 203.2 lbs

I feel like I'm hitting a plateau..but we'll see if this sticks. So far I don't feel a difference and I don't think I look any different, and no.. I'm not keen on taking pix of myself every week.

What am I doing: I'm trying to do "Walk it Out" every day (except when I was in Michigan I did at least 20-40 minutes on the hotel's treadmill) I earn an average of 35-45 activity points a week.. I use between 2-5 of those activity points.. and I don't touch the 49 weekly points that WW gives folks for 'special occasions'

Sometimes I think the 29 points are too much and then there are days, (like last Wednesday) when I was wanting a giant triple hot fudge sundae every day.. mainly because of my mood and not that I needed it.. and fortunately I had some Fiber One 90cal brownies laying around so I had that with a cup of milk instead.. not the same but, the real thing wouldn't have helped me either).

I am still making food choice mistakes now & again.. but I'm trying to learn from each one.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rhythem Island Master!

Tonight I actually completed "Walk it Out" the walking in place, stepping to the beat game on the Nintendo Wii.

Walk it Out Completed!

While I didn't break any records, I was able to complete the last 19 pieces I had after my morning "Walk it Out" session..
Walk it Out.. complete!

So now the question is.. what do I do now? I can keep playing my profile as it is, walking around a complete island, making 'rainbows' every day.. or I can start over with a new profile and maybe change my game up a bit.

Sean suggests I play my profile one more time looking to see if that annoying coach keeps asking if I've found any capsules laying around the island.. LOL One of the glitches is she keeps saying that when I got stuff already or telling me I don't have enough points to unlock anything when it's pretty obvious I do.

Another thing that bugs me is how chatty the coach is or the size of the box that pops up when I'm being told something. I want to move or click on something and the "Walk it Out" coach is just yammering on and blocking something I'm trying to click on. ugh.

I do like the game despite personality problems with the coach interaction.. The only other big thing I'd like to see if they have a "Walk it Out 2" is maybe more stuff..

Comments I have after completing my first time:
1. how about a download-able expansion pack on the wii?? Maybe add another Island after the first one is complete??

2. Maybe more detail on the creepy "Prisoner" like faceless townspeople??

3. what's with so many fast food joints, and one church?? it's creepy. Who goes to church at 3am?? Obviously the people in "walk it out" do, because there's only one church.. and no wonder they walk it out.. there's so many "burger champs"

4. how about a town hall.. or a library or maybe a museum or some art galleries? Is it that much more memory to have different town building things to unlock??

5. Why so many cars?? I mean "Rhythm Island" is only 5mi around (something like that) and you can get anywhere easily from the stadium.. so what a bunch of lazy people that need cars "you're helping make life easier" REALLY?? #lame

5b: Come to think of it, where are the gas stations?? all those stupid cars & no gas station to unlock? What about postboxes?? There's blue Mailboxes but not Post Office or mailboxes for all those houses and apartment buildings.. There's fire hydrants but no fire station or police?? You can't tell me if there's only one church there's not going to be riots?? I'm over-thinking things here & being silly but you see where I'm getting?? There's lots of stuff that could have been done but didn't.

6. Most of the music is pretty good (I personally don't like anything slower than 110 bpm but whatever) Sean wanted more J-Pop.. I liked the Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry & Madonna stuff.. although I did like the trance & Jazz stuff too.. My favorite song to walk to was "Get Your Freak On" by Missy Elliot.. (surprise!)

6B. I wish there was a way to skip to the next song if something is playing that stinks.

7. I wish that I could click on the map while I'm walking and see where the rainbow pieces were or town building things without pausing the game and leaving my walking.. I've taken to walking while I scroll through the map but then I find I stop because the controller is wonky to use while trying to move over the map. (I don't like stopping because I got my Nintendo DS "Personal Trainer: Walking" exercise meter in my pocket and that needs to stay red for me to count my exercise on Weight Watchers)

8. In the end I have over 2400 points that I wish I could have transferred to Sean who is doing the town-building the difficult way..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

End of Week 11

A week later (and a day) posting my weigh in from yesterday:

21 Mar 2011: 200.7 lbs

14 Mar 2011: NO WEIGH IN (was in Michigan)
07 Mar 2011: 203.2 lbs
28 Feb 2011: 204.5 lbs

Spent last week in Michigan, attempting to stay on program.. didn't do the best job with food (or getting my milk & veggies in every day) but I did manage to use the hotel's treadmill every night for at least 20- 40min.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

getting the steps in

, originally uploaded by meekorouse.

Still managing to get my 5000 steps in despite being away from home. There's a very small exercise room with a treadmill and elliptical trainer, so I was able to do about 30mins tonight.

Doesn't make up for what I ate though. Oh well. New Week tomorrow!

Monday, March 7, 2011

End of Week 9

07 Mar 2011: 203.2 lbs
28 Feb 2011: 204.5 lbs
21 Feb 2011: 206.0 lbs

I'm a little surprised since (along with a 5 points plus pint of Weider's Pear Cider) I had this yummy cheeseburger:
Clubhouse Cheeseburger
That was Saturday night at Clancy's Clubhouse in Anaheim.. My daily points plus is 29 and when the day was done.. I'd eaten a total of 45 pp (29 of them at dinner!)

We had walked over 20,000 steps at Disneyland but I think next time I'm going to skip the cider or something.. It was yummy and was grateful for the time to meet up with friends,(we don't see folks near as much since we moved to DTLA).

I managed to do some Walk it Out this morning; burned off about 300+ calories and unlocked some 'magic clocks' and a couple zodiac pieces. When I'm finished unlocking everything I'll most likely start a new profile and do it all over again.. along with other exercise of course.

Another New Record

Wasn't happy with the pace I kept Sunday morning, so I did another round of Walk it Out late Sunday night from 11pm for an hour and a half. I managed to unlock several zodiac pieces too..

I usually ignore whatever the steps the game says I did because they don't match what my actual steps from my activity meter say... and it's the "Personal Trainer: Walking" meter that I use for my Activity Credits..

What I do use from the above image is the calories as a guestimate of calories burned. It makes me feel good if only to think I might have burned off the yogurt I was about to eat before I actually have breakfast. =)

This past week I earned a total of 50 activity points.. (we were at Disneyland Saturday so I did a good 20,000 + steps but I don't think it made up for what I did Saturday night when we went out to eat).. which is why I am left with 30 of the 50 activity points remaining.

This will all get zero'd out this morning when I start the new week. I am so not looking forward to weigh in..