Monday, April 2, 2012

Back in the Bay & Back on Program!

We still have the rest of the last truck load of stuff.. Sean closed out our loft on Main Street late Saturday and drove up with the last bits & pieces of our things and event the things we were hoping to have hauled away.. So we're stuffed to the gills here at the new place with lots more projects and things ahead of us..but we're moved. We still need to get our phone numbers changed, our cable fixed (we can't seem to be able to actually record anything on the DVR yet). The rep was here for about 6hrs setting us up.. but all we really got done was the internet (which is working great!) and we can watch cable but it's like it used to be, you know? You actually have to sit in front of the TV at the appointed time to watch said program.. no pausing or rewinding or fast forwarding.. and you can set something to record, but it's not going to happen. Fun stuff. ;P

Thursday morning breakfast: maple bacon sticky buns and various donuts courtesy of Semi Sweet Bakery, Los Angeles.

Anyway, despite not being on program in strictest sense (I ate most of the dozen triple chip cookies we picked up at Semi Sweet before we headed up with the cats on Wednesday.. Managed to leave ONE for Sean yesterday..) I did my weigh in this morning, and plan to get back on program and get my steps in, etc.. Not eating cheeseburger for a couple days and having salad and Greek Yogurt for lunch seems to have helped a little:

wk13 02 Mar 2012: 180.1
wk12 26 Mar 2012: 183
Wk11 19 Mar 2012: 183.1

Today is Meatless Monday for me.. so we'll see how I do the rest of the week.