Monday, January 7, 2013

Back on the Wagon Agaaaain!

WEIGH IN: 208.9 lbs
GOAL: 150 lbs

When I originally went on program I got down to 170.. then the move happened, I fell off the wagon and kept falling off.. so I'm about 209 now.. I remember how good I felt at that weight (even if it wasn't my goal weight so I want to get back there!

This year my goals are also to BLOG more.. so that includes posting here everyday, even if it's a photo of whatever food we're eating.. Sean may post too, but I'm the only one here saying I will make it a priority. =)

I need to use the tools we have to get to the target.. (my ultimate weight should probably be like 125 but we got a while to go before I worry about that, OK?)
  • -exercise bike (use while watching news/movie/etc)
  • -Wii Fit (& the XBox Kinect once it's connected)..Walk it Out and other games
  • -bicycle for riding around the neighborhood/ running errands
  • -walk just to walk, not just for errands

  • YOGA, ZUMBA or Butt-Kicking Boot Camp?
    I'm also contemplating taking some classes of some kind at some point. I just don't know. I don't want to join a gym.. but I'd like to do some kind of yoga, meditation or maybe some kind of boot camp or zumba thing.. Jazzercise.. What's keeping me from going to something like this? Cost.. my spouse's lack of enthusiasm (I know I can go on my own but then I get back to the 'spending money' thing) and the fact that I always see waif-like fiona apple type people in the yoga classes. They should have yoga for real people.. Earth Goddess, Zaftig, Husky, Jabba the Hutt looking girls and guys.. Seriously.. 60% of the population is overweight or 'obese' so why don't they have classes for us fat cats? And please, I KNOW I am fat.. I am a fat cat!! "MEOW!" Don't tick me off I'll sit on you.. LOL!

    OK now that we got over that sensitive segue, there's the other thing.. The girly chocolate cheeseburger of it all.. My weight will fluctuate.. I'm on that happy week where I"m carrying an extra pint or two.. or gallon of water weight. I feel like crap. It happens. I've waltzed around it in the past but I guess like all grown ups I need to own up to it and deal with it.. So I won't shy away from that in the future.. Who knows? Honesty. It's about being honest with myself more than anything so there you go.

    Can't think of anything else to mention right now. So, here we go!

    It's time to start today.

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