Saturday, January 26, 2013

Golden Cristo Bites

Part of Disney's "Limited Time Magic," these delicious bites of Monte Cristo will 'glow' away the 1st of February atThe Stagedoor.


  1. When I first spotted the photo, I thought you were eating fish and chips! That was surprising since I know you don't like fish. I had to look up Monte Cristo because I've never had it before. I'm a big fan of French fries, so I would have wolfed those down first.

    I hope you and Sean are having a great time in Disneyland.

  2. Hey there! Thanks for the comment.. I've been having issues with this comment box thing working.. We had fun despite my trepidations of going. I really didn't want to leave the cats.. and we had just been to Disneyland in November and almost 2 weeks in WDW in December.. I wasn't quite ready to go back.. and not on what was rumored to be an over-crowded weekend.

    You're right I don't eat fish!! But yummy meat & cheese battered sandwich bits? YES! =)

    We actually did good on food til Sunday afternoon.. We hit the road and I was almost out of points for food.. and then we went to In N Out.. So I used up almost all my weeklies and ate really late.. so losing weight wasn't going to be really happening for me on Monday's weigh in. I know not to eat late.. but roadtrips mess me up. So does eating 'medicinal' chocolate.. LOL