Monday, April 25, 2011

End of Week 16

25 Apr 2011: 196.4 lbs

18 Apr 2011: 197.2 lbs
11 Apr 2011: no weigh in (Florida)
04 Apr 2011: 198.2 lbs

Spent last weekend in the Bay Area.. After abstaining from food, Friday night I split 2 orders of garlic fries at the Giants game as well ate a veggie dog w/ fixings and bun. Tried some of Sean's chowder in a breadbowl (ate most of the top).

Saturday we ate at Public House where I had half a Reuben sandwich, half a bacon avo burger, and a scoop of yummy chocolate salt Humphrey Slocombe ice cream for dessert (and 2 Tiburon Blonde ales).

Sunday we ate breakfast at Sally's (chorizo scramble, 2 corn tortillas & 2 cups of French Roast w/ milk & Splenda).. lunch @ Doyle Street (Asian Chicken salad minus much of the dressing the noodles scraped to the side & 2 cups of coffee w/ cream & sweetener)& dinner at Pasta Pomodoro (healthy chicken & half a side order of spinach salad w/ iced tea)

So.. despite being good during the week, last weekend was full of indulgences..I'm grateful I lost any weight at all; but it was a good time & a good Easter.

Monday, April 18, 2011

End of Week 15

I got my 10%
18 Apr 2011: 197.2 lbs

11 Apr 2011: no weigh in (Florida)
04 Apr 2011: 198.2 lbs
28 Mar 2011: 199.4 lbs

So I re-adjusted my goal on weight tracker to 150 lbs.. which is what my little tracking thing on the side column is set to. The Weight Watchers Weight tracker app says my ideal weight is 117-146 so we'll see what I do if/when I make 150 lbs.

Last week in Orlando wasn't ideal eating (we started w/ attending the Celebration Pie Festival on Sunday the 12th!) but I did do a lot of walking.. one day I did well over 30,000 steps.. Ironically the day I went to the mall with our friend Stacey I walked the least. Maybe I did more shopping than walking. ;P

One of my favorite walking loops was walking from the Studios (formerly MGM) around the Boardwalk, Yacht & Beach Club resorts.. and back again. Walking EPCOT isn't as ideal as I thought it would be as there's a lot of hovering and guest congestion in many spots. Magic Kingdom is next to impossible to get in a 'zone' for walking. Animal Kingdom is better but there's a lot of people stopping there as well. Walking around Riverside (the resort we stayed at) is pretty good as long as you're not stuck behind a horse carriage. =)

I'll be doing some walk it out today most likely.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weight tracker app

Tried to track my weight this AM since I won't have a scale handy Monday & the app won't allow that. Unofficially then, I weighed 197.6 lbs. We'll see how that turns out later!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Today was definitely a 'donut' day.. Sean & I hit up the new place "Schnitzely Schnitzel" for lunch today.. I posted about it on my downtown blog.. HERE

I did order a salad though.. LOL

Monday, April 4, 2011

Personal Trainer Coach: Walking

Every week or so you consecutively make your step target on the Personal Trainer: Walking game for the Nintendo DS, you get an option to increase your walking target by another 1,000 steps.. I was putting it off for a week or so but finally gave in the other night to increasing it to 7,000.
target increased to 7000 per day
I was able to get my target during my morning "Walk it Out" session..

active time so far today..
My total active time was 74minutes (while I was doing the "Walk it Out" on the wii) My steps are still being recording by the activity meter while I do some housework, run some errands or check the mail.. Knowing I have my step target taken care of already, relaxes me just a bit and gives me once less thing to think about..

End of Week 13

Weigh in day.. and I'm just short of my 10%.. but I'm sure I'll get it this week!!!

04 Apr 2011: 198.2 lbs
28 Mar 2011: 199.4 lbs
21 Mar 2011: 200.7 lbs

On a personal note: Sean has given up (diet)soda for Lent and while I haven't, I am drinking less of it.. I miss my Cherry Coke Zero. We went to McDonalds on Saturday & I had diet coke w/ my breakfast (I can't do coffee or juice in the morning.. doesn't stay down..) it just wasn't quite the same. I passed up getting a bottle of Coke Zero at Costco when we went. It's not nice to wave forbidden things in front of people trying to abstain.

Instead we've been drinking lots of Diet Snapple and water (and I order iced tea where I can tolerate it.. don't like the "tea" in the soda fountain).

One thing I've learned from this is I need to remind myself now & again: "yes, Diet Rootbeer and 7-UP are soda too.." Just because I don't prefer them doesn't make it so.. LOL

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sean made pancakes!

Sean made pancakes!, originally uploaded by meekorouse.

Sunday morning surprise: Sean decided he wanted to make some pancakes. We had picked up some Fiber One pancake mix a couple weeks back to give it a try.

This is the second time we've had them & I really like them. They're 5 points plus per serving (which is about 3 normal sized pancakes.. you remember 'normal size' right??)

I added a tablespoon of agave syrup for 2 points plus and some sliced banana (which is 0 pp on the new program).

Hurray for Sunday breakfast and for getting to eat like a regular person. =)