Monday, July 9, 2012

Back on the Wagon Again..

What was that about getting back on Program?? oops.

So I guess this is WW Points Plus reboot..

I weighed in today at 187.1 lbs Yes! serious back-sliding. Lots of chocolate, a couple trips and a lot of moving stress. The good thing is we have a couple places to go for fresh produce and lots of bike lanes and good walking places.

Our walking meters are set to 10k steps, so that makes it pretty difficult to hit my daily step target.. but we'll just keep going right?

I still need to get the wii fit connected. That'll help too.

I started off today good with a cup of Special K Oats & Honey w/ a cup of fat free milk and a banana. Breakfast is usually the easiest. It's the in-between times and late night munchies I need to learn to ignore. And the peanut butter. ;P