Monday, October 31, 2011

End of Week 43

31 Oct 2011 180.8 lbs

24 Oct 2011 182.9 lbs
17 Oct 2011 183.4 lbs
10 Oct 2011 183.6 lbs

Monday, October 24, 2011

End of Week 42

24 Oct 2011 182.9 lbs
17 Oct 2011 183.4 lbs
10 Oct 2011 183.6 lbs
03 Oct 2011 182.8 lbs

Half pound loss. Not bad considering I was attempting to stay on plan as much as I could, when I could while at Food & Wine Fest. There were a couple days (especially near the end) where staying on plan was next to impossible. Lunch at Kona was probably the best I've done without resorting to eating salads. I had the teriyaki steak which came with two 1/4 cup scoops of sticky rice and a half cup of mac salad. All things very measurable. I ended up eating all of the mac salad (I know!) and leaving 2/3 of the sticky rice for Sean who can have about 43 points a day.

I did a LOT of walking. Not so much on the travel days but I did get my minimum 9,000 steps in. Other days I walked anywhere from 17-27,000 steps. Seriously. My legs hurt every day for most of the first half of the week. I didn't want to walk near as much on Thursday. I actually started to fall asleep on the bus to the Disney Hollywood Studios (where I would often start my steps from the bus queue over to EPCOT via Boardwalk and Crescent Lake. That usually got me my minimum pretty quick and is a an easy walk over mostly flat surfaces. The "hills" are where the walkway slopes upwards/down to the International Gateway or along the bridges that connect the paths to the Yacht & Beach Club or the IG or Swan/Dolphin.

One thing I *know* I'm not accomplishing is walking 20k steps a day at home. I really need to do the "Walk it Out" again or the free run on the WiFit (that way I can have the news or something on while I'm exercising).

Sean said he didn't do too well (I must say he had less opportunity to get steps in what with it being a WORK trip for him.. I assume they are all sitting at those conference tables and desks). We ate a couple late night meals (anything after 7pm is late IMHO) so there wasn't as much chance to walk it off or process it during sleep. He was 227lb this morning which is a 5lbs gain.. but.. I'm sure it's just a temporary setback. Goodness knows I've had plenty of those! (not to mention I've been living on a plateau this past month).

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So I carried the poncho with me and if it rained, I must have been inside American Adventure or The Land Pavillion because I missed it. I managed to walk just over 25k steps yesterday (and yes my legs are feeling it) That's not bad considering I got a late start.

Today I got up shortly after Sean and managed to brush my teeth and get dressed so we could eat together at the food court. Yogurt of course! It's forecasted to rain every hour with 90% chance. I don't know what to think about that. I'm supposed to meet up with a friend to go geocaching but don't expect that to happen. She suggested we go see a movie but there's nothing really good out there. Movies are expensive unless it's something worthwhile like Lord of the Rings or the latest Star Trek or Harry Potter film (IMHO) or a decent art house film. I haven't kept on that scene in a while, not working at a movie theatre. =)

Anyway we'll see where the day takes me.. Hopefully I'll get my 9k steps in.. That's all I want today.. My legs hurt.

Monday, October 17, 2011

End of Week 41

Posting from the World.. I'm using yesterday's weigh in at my mom's for the official.. just as a warning..

17 Oct 2011 183.4 lbs
10 Oct 2011 183.6 lbs
03 Oct 2011 182.8 lbs

It's supposed to rain in the World today but I'm still hoping to get my steps in.. Since I had to come back to the room it turns out that housekeeping was already here so I'm uploading most of the Halloween Party pix to flickr.. (I think Sean has many on his cel as well) as the battery died in the middle of the parade I think.

This week should be super fun (and challenging) food-wise. It being food & wine fest while we're here.. I need to make some smart choices.. or just keep walking.. =)

Monday, October 10, 2011

End of Week 40

Still on that plateau..
10 Oct 2011 183.6 lbs

03 Oct 2011 182.8 lbs
26 Sept 2011 183.3 lbs
19 Sept 2011 183.4 lbs
12 Sept 2011 185.5 lbs

Today I'm including a short list of things we are not allowed to have in our home anymore (because I can't finish the bag before they go bad):
1. craisins
2. Famous Amos Cookies
3. big container of hummus

or... they are just too naughty to have around:

1. nutella
2. ginormous bag of peanut M&Ms

Also I seem to eat better when we go out to eat because I think about what I am eating more.. I snack too much at home. I am a snacker. I come from a family of snackers.. (My dad is a snacker. My mom is a snacker..) I am probably the only person (or famale at least) who I know thinks gerkins cream cheese & buddhig ham is a good hors d'oearvre or braunschweiger on toast is a nice treat now & again. And don't get me started on cheese. I love cheese.. **Sigh** Can you tell I'm from the Midwest?? ;P

The weight gain this week is water weight though.. and the M&Ms I had I'm sure..