Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year New Wagon..

With 2013 almost here, Sean and I are going to be starting over on Weight Watchers fresh.. We're still using the online program with all the online tools available to us.

I plan to post here more often, including maybe some food posts.. I've gained so much weight since we moved (well over 200lbs) that it's going to be like starting over.

We have yet to figure out WHAT but we plan to maybe incorporate a "date night" approach to exercising together.. Hopefully taking lengthy walks together or bike rides at least once a week.. or maybe taking some kind of class. I guess we'll see!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Back on the Wagon Again..

What was that about getting back on Program?? oops.

So I guess this is WW Points Plus reboot..

I weighed in today at 187.1 lbs Yes! serious back-sliding. Lots of chocolate, a couple trips and a lot of moving stress. The good thing is we have a couple places to go for fresh produce and lots of bike lanes and good walking places.

Our walking meters are set to 10k steps, so that makes it pretty difficult to hit my daily step target.. but we'll just keep going right?

I still need to get the wii fit connected. That'll help too.

I started off today good with a cup of Special K Oats & Honey w/ a cup of fat free milk and a banana. Breakfast is usually the easiest. It's the in-between times and late night munchies I need to learn to ignore. And the peanut butter. ;P

Monday, April 2, 2012

Back in the Bay & Back on Program!

We still have the rest of the last truck load of stuff.. Sean closed out our loft on Main Street late Saturday and drove up with the last bits & pieces of our things and event the things we were hoping to have hauled away.. So we're stuffed to the gills here at the new place with lots more projects and things ahead of us..but we're moved. We still need to get our phone numbers changed, our cable fixed (we can't seem to be able to actually record anything on the DVR yet). The rep was here for about 6hrs setting us up.. but all we really got done was the internet (which is working great!) and we can watch cable but it's like it used to be, you know? You actually have to sit in front of the TV at the appointed time to watch said program.. no pausing or rewinding or fast forwarding.. and you can set something to record, but it's not going to happen. Fun stuff. ;P

Thursday morning breakfast: maple bacon sticky buns and various donuts courtesy of Semi Sweet Bakery, Los Angeles.

Anyway, despite not being on program in strictest sense (I ate most of the dozen triple chip cookies we picked up at Semi Sweet before we headed up with the cats on Wednesday.. Managed to leave ONE for Sean yesterday..) I did my weigh in this morning, and plan to get back on program and get my steps in, etc.. Not eating cheeseburger for a couple days and having salad and Greek Yogurt for lunch seems to have helped a little:

wk13 02 Mar 2012: 180.1
wk12 26 Mar 2012: 183
Wk11 19 Mar 2012: 183.1

Today is Meatless Monday for me.. so we'll see how I do the rest of the week.

Monday, March 19, 2012

a bit too personal right now..

We're moving soon and it's been several anxiety filled days and weeks leading up to this. I'm assuming this is what's causing both me and the cats to be off. Alexander has been throwing up on things or near things when I pack stuff up or move stuff. He pooped in one my canvas recycling bags (a Target shopping bag fwiw)

While I haven't taken to pooping in bags,LMAO.. my system is off.. I've been keeping track and I'm pretty regular like clockwork.. but when the back & knee pain/swelling showed up on the 7th.. not the 17th and certain "relatives" showed on the 11th.. I knew something was wrong. Suffice to say I'm still having issues. This is reminiscent of the early 2000's when I was having Dysmenorrhea and Menorrhagia due to what I later found out to be endometriosis and tubal blockage.. Yeah I didn't want to go here..

I was hoping I wouldn't have to talk about how being female affects how I do on Plan. I usually have a 2 pound change every month and it goes away.. Four pounds is a bit excessive.. I know it has a lot to do with stress, my current health and the 2 Fresh & Easy pound plus milk chocolate bars I've been nibbling on and the multiple cheeseburgers I've been devouring off & on over the past week. =(

Since the stress and worry over the cats isn't going to abate til after everyone and everything is safely moved, I can't help but wonder if I shouldn't just give myself a 5lb allowance and start this all over again the beginning of April?? *sigh* And it goes without saying that if I have 'issues' next month I will certainly get myself to a doctor!

Wk11 19 Mar 2012: 183.1
Wk10 11 Mar 2012: didn't weigh myself (went to Disneyland and had a chocolate ice cream waffle cone instead)
Wk09 05 Mar 2012: 180.4lbs
Wk08 27 Feb 2012: 180.4lbs

Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 08

So I gained a little more this week.. I haven't been on plan. I've had sweet things and cheeseburgers.. I haven't been exercising. Granted I got over 11,000 steps in yesterday.. Getting my steps in isn't enough.. It's not enough to do it every few days I need to be getting my steps in every day. As well to NOT eat my weeklies. They're there for special occasions, not for me to just snack because I'm watching a movie or because it's Oscars night.. I'm going to be stressed out more than usual the next several weeks. I should make a point to try harder not to let myself go for food when that happens.

Wk08 27 Feb 2012: 180.4lbs
Wk07 20 Feb 2012: 180.2lbs
Wk06 13 Feb 2012: 180.2lbs

Monday, February 20, 2012

Week 07

What week is this?? um.. oh yeah.. that's what I get for going off program for a couple weeks.. I gain weight and lose track of time.. This is a bad week for me.. feeling junky and craving meat & chocolate . Fun times.

Wk07 20 Feb 2012: 180.2lbs
Wk06 13 Feb 2012: 180.2lbs
Wk04 30 Jan 2012: 178.1lbs

Monday, January 30, 2012

End of Week 04

Wk04 30 Jan 2012: 178.1lbs
Wk03 23 Jan 2012: *cough* 179.6
Wk02 16 Jan 2012: 178.2lbs
Wk01 09 Jan 2012: 180.7lbs

Monday, January 16, 2012

End of Week 02

This week after spending some time getting lots of fruit, salad, a ton of yogurt and other yummy things.. we stayed in to eat. We did hit up "The Habit" on errand days (where I had a yummy BBQ chicken salad: 11pp) but otherwise yeah, no dining out.. I don't know if that helped so much but it did keep me on track because I knew everything I was eating.

I had adjusted my points plus intake back up to 29 and maybe it's just mental but I didn't feel as hungry having my 3points back.. and I lost some weight. =)

Wk02 16 Jan 2012: 178.2lbs
Wk01 09 Jan 2012: 180.7lbs

Monday, January 9, 2012

End of Week 01

Hey if you missed it Sean posted last week Tuesday. =)

Today's weigh-in not too inspiring.. It's a new year I should definitely get moving more. I did the 29 daily points this last week and maybe there's something to be said about the 26 points plus. This week I'll keep to the 29 that I adjusted to but try and limit myself to 26 and/or up my activity which has been pretty non-esistant these past couple weeks.

Wk01 09 Jan 2012: 180.7lbs

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Two steps forward, one step back

My weight loss graph has the two steps forward, one step back look to it. Starting last year at 250, I got very close to 220 in September. Then, I had spent about 8 out of 12 weeks in Florida on both work and vacation. I'm now at 235. So, two steps forward (lost 30 pounds), one step back (gained 15 pounds).

Looking at the one step back, I know what mistakes I made to stumble:

  1. I never tracked my weight. It can be a challenge to find a scale at a hotel that doesn't have a gym. And even a hotel gym is not necessarily going to have a scale.
  2. I didn't always track my food intake. A definite no-no. Looking ahead to this year, the simply filing technique may be an option.
  3. I rarely tracked drinks. On average, a "drink" is 5 points.

So, knowing my mistakes is half the battle. The next part is following through on the lessons. Here's to more lost in 2012.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year!

End of Week 52..

Last year we started Weight Watchers *new* Points Plus program. Yes we've been on WW before but this time out we were trying the new PP system.

Here we are as of yesterday:

Sean with Pluto (235 lbs 1 Jan 2012/ 250 lbs 2011)

Pamela with Pluto (181.3 lbs 1 Jan 2012/ 220 lbs 2011)

Here we are last year Christmas with our friend Faith:
Canadian-style Santa!

and this year:

Goal for this year (which was the same as last year) is to get down to 150lbs. Obviously I over-estimated what I could do last year, but based on the fact I lost about 38lbs I think I will be able to do it this year!

I need to learn to track all the time.. and not let go even if I have a day where I go off plan. We were in Florida a lot and I didn't have access to a scale. I need to try and figure out a remedy for that, or be proactive about getting to the hotel's workout room. Many of the places at hotels have a scale, even if it's a clunky off-calibration thing.

Another thing that has made it harder for me is WW's 2012 points plus. I still get my 49 weekly points but my daily points have gone down to 26 pp abruptly, (Sean's is still the same: 42 daily & 49 weekly points plus) and while we were on vacation! =(