Monday, April 15, 2013

Week 15

15 Apr 2013: 194.8
08 Apr 2013: 196.6
last week: 199.3
25 Mar 2013: 196.3

This time I remembered Meatless Monday and had cereal. We had one last cup of the Special K Chocolatey Strawberry.. which I don't recommend unless you prefer Special K Strawberries..

Despite not being a fan of Special K Strawberry I cut up some FRESH strawberries we picked up from Berkeley Bowl West and added to my cereal. By the time I got the berries cut up & put in the cereal the freeze dried ones Kellogg's uses finally rehydrated for the most part (which is the main reason I don't like their berries.. they're dry and hard and funky usually if I don't mix the cereal up and wait). Adding the fresh berries helped the taste and texture a lot!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Meatless Monday Confession: I screwed up.

Sean has class elsewhere this morning.. He got up early and headed out around 530/ 6am. He had his coffee and all his work stuff with him.. I briefly wondered if he'd remembered to eat something before heading out as I poured a half cup of milk into my coffee mug, shooed the cat away, and then went to heat my milk up in the microwave. (I like to add it hot to some coffee so it doesn't affect the coffee's temp)

Inside the microwave is a paper towel wrapped "Smart Ones" turkey sausage, egg & cheese English Muffin breakfast sandwich. My brain processes only about half of the fact that Sean started to nuke a breakfast sandwich but got distracted and forgot. (He's been doing Meatless Monday with me too.. even tho he doesn't have to)

I take out the sandwich, nuke my milk and then decide not to waste the sandwich and re-heat & eat the thing. AFTER I eat it I remember "oh RATS! it's MONDAY. I just weighed myself so of course it's Monday.. ugh!!!)

I was Meatless last night for dinner.. so I do eat many meatless meals.. but TODAY is supposed to be totally meatless.. So do I start over tomorrow?? or do I continue today Meatless and then spend tomorrow meatless too?? ugh. I've been so good at this so far this year.. but not perfect.

UPDATE: just found out the English Muffin Sandwich was from yesterday!! (maybe it wasn't the fish oil supplement that made me want to throw up mid-morning after all) Sean just came home and after I asked him, he's all "what English Muffin??" ewww. 10:06pm

Week 14

This losing weight thing is slow-going.. Gained 3lbs last week in bloating/girl-curse but luckily most of it went away.. unfortunately I didn't lose any weight.. If anything I gained. ugh..

08 Apr 2013: 196.6
last week: 199.3
25 Mar 2013: 196.3
18 Mar 2013: 197.9