Monday, May 30, 2011

End of Week 21

20 May 2011: 195 lbs.
23 May 2011: 194.2
16 May 2011: no weigh in

didn't exercise or walk a lot this past week as I've been sick; that coupled with the 2 cheeseburgers I ate yesterday.. I assume it's a temporary weight gain.

Monday, May 23, 2011

End of Week 20

Back from 2 weeks in Florida.. down a pound and now have a cold! fun stuff..

23 May 2011: 194.2
16 May 2011: no weigh in
09 May 2011: no weigh in
02 May 2011: 195.3 lbs
25 Apr 2011: 196.4 lbs

Tried to stay on track while in Orlando, but usually didn't.. Too many good meals at Royal Pacific (IoA/Universal) and Disney World.. lots of yummy desserts and at least 2 chicken dinners at 50s Prime Time/ Tune In Lounge (substituting the mashed potatoes for a 2nd helping of green beans at least once) Lots of salads.. love the Asian Salad at the ABC Commissary at DHS... not so much a fan of the salads at Contempo Cafe.. I prefer the Turkey BLT (on multigrain) w/ the sesame bean salad as a side.

While Kat Kora's Kouzzina is not my favorite place to eat.. the service leaves something to be desired.. the food is excellent and the breakfast was pretty good. The Wave at the Contemporary Resort is still really good.. not too much meat but really good service and the breakfast is amazing!! The fruit plate is great and the bacon cheese grits are really yummy.. this from someone that doesn't eat grits. The sausage is kind of 'meh' don't get it if you can help it.. it's like brown & serve or something.. very lackluster.. the eggs Benedict and the spinach and feta scrambled eggs are good but the spinach isn't actually scrambled into the eggs.. which I found odd. They have a buffet now too.. but honestly splitting 2 meals and a fruit plate was more than enough. There's lots more food I tried and we did our minimum walking every day but Saturday.. and we still managed to stay around the same.. with just a little loss!

So the key I guess is to stay on program, treat yourself.. keep walking.. and stay hydrated. It was hot when we went.. crazy hot.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Steak Salad from the Nickel Diner

Tonight's dinner was just the right thing! Huge Salad (hold the dressing!) accompanies a (approximately) 6oz steak. Served Medium.. it was yummy & juicy and provided just the right flavoring and juices to the salad and the iceberg lettuce wedge.

Monday, May 2, 2011

End of Week 17

Monday Weigh In.. wasn't looking forward to it.. (had a corndog yesterday and was feeling under the weather for some of the week.. sore throat, cough, run down..)

Here we go:
02 May 2011: 195.3 lbs

25 Apr 2011: 196.4 lbs
18 Apr 2011: 197.2 lbs

so down a pound. yay.

BTW: Sean's weigh in was 231.1 (his start weight 250) so he's on track as well!!