Saturday, January 12, 2013


Tonight's 49'ers/ Packers game meant one thing.. PIZZA!

We split a Fresh & Easy Pesto and Arugula Pizza.. Half a pizza is 9 points plus. Not bad... Of course I only had 7 points left by dinner time tonight, so I went "into the hole" using some of my weekly bonus points.. You get 45 for the week to use on 'special occasions' and whatnot, but since I had crazy chocolate and meat cravings.. I was down to 22 weeklies by dinner time tonight..

Good thing I only have one more day 'til the week starts all over again.. Oh, yeah I don't expect a lot of weight loss this first week. Not with all the chocolate I've been letting melt in my mouth this week. They really should come up with a 'chocolate patch' one day.. Just saying. =P

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