Saturday, January 22, 2011

Treating myself

The original plan for Saturday was to head to Hollywood & Highland and walk down to the Egyptian Theater to see a Lord of the Rings (director's cut) movie marathon.. OK, the original original plan was to check out Art Weekend LA but then Sean got these tickets.. then our plans fell to the wayside as his work changed things.

Whatever, I started the day doing some walking (just in case) we ended up seeing the films. 10+ hours in a dark theater aren't conducive to exercise. So when we couldn't go we headed out after lunch to check out a few galleries.

Lunch was food from home.. I ended up having a Lean Cuisine Philly Style Steak & Cheese Panini which (if you go to their site) is just loaded w/ sodium. Otherwise I actually liked it. I heated it up (doesn't take long) and ended up eating it open face. It had plenty of meat on it.. (I forgot to take a photo of it before starting to eat so I only have a photo of half of it)

It reminded me (a little) of Trader Joe's Philly Cheese Steak pizza which I just LOVE and can't eat too often (and especially not these days).

For something sweet to finish it off, Sean had brought home some other WW novelty treats to try. These ones are in the old packaging and say "1point" on the box. They are actually 2 "points plus" but, much more affordable than those "4 Points plus" ice cream candy bars..

the bar image on the box is obviously not to scale. =)

It was pretty sweet and not too latte tasting.. I thought I tasted a caramel accent to it though. It's artificially flavored so it's no surprise it reminds me of those instant iced cappuccino mixes I would stir into my skim milk years ago.

For 2 points (plus) I'm not complaining..

I WILL be happy though when the new packaging comes out in the next month or so..

Day 20 Sat 22 Jan: "Personal Coach: Walking" daily steps: 8487 (@445pm) **EDIT** 10,341 @718pm
Day 19 Fri 21 Jan: "Personal Coach: Walking" daily steps: 10606


  1. Did you end up going to any of the galleries? I checked blogdowntown and the Art Weekend sounded like fun.....and without the alcohol and partying that Artwalk has turned into. Had I been there I definitely would have taken the shuttle for some of the more distant offerings and I would have forced you to come along.

    I had a great afternoon. Frank and Maile hosted a potluck lunch party for the foodbank volunteers at their home in McKinnleyville, about ten miles north of Eureka. It was fun and there was a cat there that reminded me of Alexander. The food was a green salad, bread, chili, chicken mole and I took a Moroccan raw carrot salad that would have fit into your diet nicely.

    That "giant" ice cream bar sure doesn't look jumbo from the photo. When it comes to ice cream I'm a bit of a snob. If it's not Double Rainbow or McConnells quality then I'll pass. Still, if it was only 2 points then it may have been worth it....maybe.

    BTW, how many points a day can you have? The point system is confusing to me!

    Good work on the daily steps!


  2. Hey Joe! Yes, we ended up going to a couple galleries and the cafe lounge at the New LATC. Saw the exhibit in the basement of the LATC as well. Didn't do the shuttle as Sean had to get back home for work stuff.. he's still working now. =(

    The lunch picnic sounds great! I love having fresh meals like that.. the salad and the chicken sounds great (not to mention the chili)..

    I can pretty much eat anything, it's mainly about portion control and making smarter choices. The new "points plus" system is confusing.. how many I get is figured the same as before I think: they're assigned by your height and weight..

    Sean gets more "points plus" because he weighs more than me; I started at 31 "points plus" and when I hit 215 last Monday it got lowered to 30 "points plus"

    I'm hoping that I'll have lost some since last week (my weight is fluctuating between 213/214 so we'll see!) The thing is, as you lose weight, your "points plus" allotment lowers.. because you need less food.

    Regardless how many points I'm allowed, everyone gets these "49" weekly points for emergencies or special occasions. I'm trying NOT to use any of those if I can help it, (sometimes I have to use a couple now & again.. my week is over after tomorrow & we'll be at Disneyland with friends so I'm going to try and stay within my limit tomorrow.. I got my weigh in on Monday!

    OtoH, I'll be walking a LOT more tomorrow! yay! =)

    The ice cream bar is much smaller than what you'd think it'd be. Right now all the packaging for their stuff at the moment has the wrong numbers on it.. so I have to calculate the amount like everything else I eat. Eating whole foods and un-processed stuff is better.

    I hope you are doing alright and not over-exerting yourself??