Thursday, January 27, 2011

Daytime Lion

along with regular walking I've been doing the "Walk it Out" game for the wii but carrying the exercise meter in my pocket to keep track of my activity time.

A couple days ago my "Personal Trainer: Walking" target was increased from 3,000 to 4,000. I did some housecleaning this morning along with some walking in place so I was able to get my 4000 step target by 10am.

After lunch I played "Walk it Out" which is like the wii fit meets the Sims: You walk in place for points, the points in turn can unlock routes on a virtual island, music tracks that you can later play while you walk, trees, streetlights & bridges. The steps on the wii game differ from my steps counted on the exercise meter, another reason to keep the meter in my pocket when I'm playing.

I got hungry for dinner earlier.. I only had 10 points plus left for the day without getting into the weekly allowance. I ended up picking up a turkey & ham salad from Ray's Old Bank Market. I asked for no cheese & dressing on the side:

It came with a little avocado which was easily removed. I picked the olives out as well. I would say it had about 2 olives worth of sliced black olives but I wanted the salad to be as low point as possible. I left the artichoke hearts (there was only 2 pieces) and the meat I guessed at 3oz/2oz of Boar's Head brand meat respectively.. (I'm pretty sure I over-estimated) I measured the dressing which was 1/4cup exactly.

Along with some Fiber One bars, I'm pretty full a couple hours later. Yay!


  1. That salad sure looks good. I remember getting sandwiches from Ray's but I don't remember any salad choices.

    Good work on increasing your steps! I found out yesterday that all steps are not considered equal. Ruby and I spent the afternoon walking at the beach. For some reason she was happiest when we were walking in the sand dunes. It was rolling terrain and the sand was soft, making for a much more energetic walk. She had it easier because she is lighter and has four legs. My heart rate was definitely up, though.

    I wonder if there is an app that takes the terrain or conditions into consideration and translates accordingly.

    How's the housework coming along? I wish I had left my military mop and bucket for you. I don't need them here with my hardwood floors.

  2. Hey Joe! They have the salads at the end of their sandwich menu list.. not sure if they had that as part of their Boar's Head brand feature.. (they put that Boar's Head sign in their window.. and that's the meat & cheese they use on their sandwiches and salads as well what they sell in the cooler area).

    I was looking at the activities listed and they give a point for 10minutes of continuous walking regardless of what type you are doing it seems. I know that walking through sandy beaches IS more exerting than regular ground, so you'd think it would be worth more what with it exerting extra energy and pressure on your circulation.

    The housework is at a bit of a stand-still at the moment but I like how I got the kitchen and living room done (for a day at least) The thing about cleaning up is that it just leaves room for more clutter/ dirty dishes. *sigh*

    I have no idea how I'm going to get the concrete all shiny if the day ever comes that we move.. For now I'm sweeping and vacuuming and using Simple Green for spot cleaning on the floor. Considering how the floor looked when we moved in (dried paint, floor stains, concrete smears.. unidentifiable whatnot marks..) I don't think it won't be any worse than how we got it. =P