Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dining out @ the DIsney Soda Fountain

19 January: Day 17 (Day 1 was 3 January)

Sean had the evening free, so we headed to Hollywood & Highland on the Metro to see Tron Legacy at the El Cap.

We left early enough to have dinner, and while there's a lot of choices in the area (including places on my points tracker app) we ended up at the Disney Soda Fountain which is has a separate entrance from the theater.

I did pretty good for the day and had 17 points plus left. Sean ordered the BLT on sourdough and I ordered the Chicken Ranch Wrap:

You get an option of chips or fresh fruit and as seen, I opted for the fresh fruit. We both ordered diet cokes to accompany our meals. The wrap had plenty of chicken and not too much dressing. The tortilla I am told was a chipotle herb wrap, but to simplify it, it really is just a flour tortilla.

The problem with dining out is that you can't really know exactly how much food is actually in your food. I was guessing that it would be somewhere between 10-15 points based on how many chicken strips were in there along with the tortilla and the dressing. I ended up going with the amount for a Sandella's Chicken Ceasar Wrap, although I've never eaten at Sandella's to know how much to compare it to. Either way I ended up not using all my points for the night.

The dinner was very filling. I ended up having a time finishing my meal, so that really changes my mind about eating a tourist-y place like the Soda Fountain. They do have a lot of comfort/ kid friendly options but there's a few things, like my wrap or a roasted turkey on ciabatta that might be a yummier and healthier alternative to the burger and mac n cheese rut.

For our movie treats Sean opted for a small non-buttered popcorn (I don't do popcorn in general and never movie popcorn).. we both got the 20oz Diet Pepsi (yes Coke is served at the Disney Soda Fountain Shop and Pepsi at the concession stands,, and coke products at the theme parks..)

The El Cap didn't have anything I could eat at the concession stand (I could get the King Size Reece's Cup & only eat one or two, but didn't. Instead, I opted for a Fiber One 90calorie bar I had in my purse (yes I took my black Harvey bag out for a walk) and that's only 2 points plus so I had had that instead.

I had the Nintendo DS "Personal Trainer: Walking" w/ me
Total Steps for that evening were 4,690.

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