Thursday, January 20, 2011

Keeping Active

One of my 2011 goals is to 'walk, bike or wii' everyday. I'm not necessarily doing that EVERY day.. but I am trying to do something even if it's walking in place.. I did about 45min today on top the walk to & from the City Hall Farmers' Market.

Sean is taking the stairs up from checking the mail. He's got me taking the stairs down at least, although I seem to have a depth perception issue even when wearing my contacts. =)

One thing I'm noticing is the 3,000 step daily goal is pretty easy to attain as long as I get off my butt.. We hit the mark on our way back walking from visiting City Hall this morning around Noon. City Hall is 3 blocks up the street.. so double that plus the walking around at the Market (getting a healthy lunch to go) and visiting the "National Coffee Break" event on the 3rd floor.

We had PTI (Pardon the Interruption) on and that was easy to start walking in place while they did the 'rundown'.. Sean went to do something else so I changed it to another show and kept walking. I did 45min of continuous stepping in place.

You can do any number of things I've found to get "activity credit" if you want. Playing the wii is an easy and fun way to do it, whether playing Wii Sports or doing the wii fit. You can do an exercise DVD (there's a list of stuff including "Walk off the Pounds" or you can take a walk around the neighborhood, walk the dog (if we had one) or a zillion other things. Just move. That's about it. I'm working on it. I'm no expert of course, and I've gotten out of habit.

Day 18: 20 January Nintendo DS "personal trainer: walking" 9820 steps


  1. This blog is a great idea! You can chronicle your journey and I get to read all about your dieting adventures.

    Sean's idea of walking up the steps is a great one, and you goingdown them is a good start. I remember walking up those steps to the eighth floor during a heat wave, but not happily. The power was out and the emergency generator was not working at the time. I counted the steps then but I've forgotten now how many I took.

    Other great steps downtown are the library steps and those steps next to Angel's Flight (just hold your nose on the bottom part where the drunks pee).

    Iwish I had beenthere at Coffee Break with you and Sean. That must have been fun. Is the farmer's market at City Hall a good one?


  2. Hey Joe!! yay! =) Well I know I'll be posting in this one more often, (not necessarily every day) and definitely on Mondays.. weigh in day.

    The Farmers Market (Little Tokyo/City Hall Farmers Market) is pretty nice.. when it's nice. I've gone when the veggies aren't that fresh looking but they were looking good the other day. The problem is they are a bit price-y

    Sean thought Two Bits (Brandi's new place at the Alexandria on 4th) was a bit much but I think she runs a little more affordable than the Farmer's Market.. and she's open every day.

    The National Coffee Break day ran from 10-2pm in the 3rd Floor Rotunda of City Hall. They had regular, de-caf, vanilla flavored (that's the one I tried) and something else.. The samples were huge I thought @ 8oz.

    Don Francisco will also be at the New LATC on Spring Saturday during the Art Weekend LA.They're sponsoring the art shuttle that will be running and the art lounge at the LATC. I was planning to go but Sean got tickets for the Lord of the Rings movie fest at the Egyptian in Hollywood. That's about 10+ hours on my butt. I hope there's intermissions and we're near the aisle. I hate climbing over people..

  3. I think the Coffee Break thing started earlier.. now that I think about it.. but it ran til 2pm. Was a neat little thing. Wish City Hall did stuff like that more often. =)

    miss you!!