Monday, January 31, 2011

End of Week 4

Another Monday, another weigh in. Saturday we were at Costco and picked up a new scale. The Weight Watchers scale was on instant rebate (til the 30th) for 14.99.. which seemed like a good deal. This new one weighs in the .10 percents and seems to be more in agreement with the wii fit.. which.. is a good thing?

01/31/11: 209.7 lbs
01/24/11: 214 lbs.
01/03/11: 220 lbs (start weight)

Here's my wii Fit BMI test/weigh in..I weigh in on the wii fit every couple days: (I switched it to pounds but you can still see the BMI and of course the little wii fit coach says "ooh you're OBESE!" sigh.. it's so snarky!)

New week

**SIDE NOTE** I entered my weight in the weight tracker part of Weight Watchers app & I got a warning about losing too much weight too quickly. I'm chalking this up to the scale issues we've been having.. but it's good to know that my 2 lbs a week personal goal is a safe one.. **

Ironically I was worried I wasn't exercising enough as I've been just walking and not running or training for one of the Disney 5K's that I'm wanting to do this year. I'm considering doing the "couch to 5k" training (which is actually less walking than I've been doing already at first) I walk every day. and the couch to 5k has several rest days that I wouldn't consider doing (what with being on Weight Watchers).

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