Monday, March 7, 2011

End of Week 9

07 Mar 2011: 203.2 lbs
28 Feb 2011: 204.5 lbs
21 Feb 2011: 206.0 lbs

I'm a little surprised since (along with a 5 points plus pint of Weider's Pear Cider) I had this yummy cheeseburger:
Clubhouse Cheeseburger
That was Saturday night at Clancy's Clubhouse in Anaheim.. My daily points plus is 29 and when the day was done.. I'd eaten a total of 45 pp (29 of them at dinner!)

We had walked over 20,000 steps at Disneyland but I think next time I'm going to skip the cider or something.. It was yummy and was grateful for the time to meet up with friends,(we don't see folks near as much since we moved to DTLA).

I managed to do some Walk it Out this morning; burned off about 300+ calories and unlocked some 'magic clocks' and a couple zodiac pieces. When I'm finished unlocking everything I'll most likely start a new profile and do it all over again.. along with other exercise of course.

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