Monday, March 7, 2011

Another New Record

Wasn't happy with the pace I kept Sunday morning, so I did another round of Walk it Out late Sunday night from 11pm for an hour and a half. I managed to unlock several zodiac pieces too..

I usually ignore whatever the steps the game says I did because they don't match what my actual steps from my activity meter say... and it's the "Personal Trainer: Walking" meter that I use for my Activity Credits..

What I do use from the above image is the calories as a guestimate of calories burned. It makes me feel good if only to think I might have burned off the yogurt I was about to eat before I actually have breakfast. =)

This past week I earned a total of 50 activity points.. (we were at Disneyland Saturday so I did a good 20,000 + steps but I don't think it made up for what I did Saturday night when we went out to eat).. which is why I am left with 30 of the 50 activity points remaining.

This will all get zero'd out this morning when I start the new week. I am so not looking forward to weigh in..

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