Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year!

End of Week 52..

Last year we started Weight Watchers *new* Points Plus program. Yes we've been on WW before but this time out we were trying the new PP system.

Here we are as of yesterday:

Sean with Pluto (235 lbs 1 Jan 2012/ 250 lbs 2011)

Pamela with Pluto (181.3 lbs 1 Jan 2012/ 220 lbs 2011)

Here we are last year Christmas with our friend Faith:
Canadian-style Santa!

and this year:

Goal for this year (which was the same as last year) is to get down to 150lbs. Obviously I over-estimated what I could do last year, but based on the fact I lost about 38lbs I think I will be able to do it this year!

I need to learn to track all the time.. and not let go even if I have a day where I go off plan. We were in Florida a lot and I didn't have access to a scale. I need to try and figure out a remedy for that, or be proactive about getting to the hotel's workout room. Many of the places at hotels have a scale, even if it's a clunky off-calibration thing.

Another thing that has made it harder for me is WW's 2012 points plus. I still get my 49 weekly points but my daily points have gone down to 26 pp abruptly, (Sean's is still the same: 42 daily & 49 weekly points plus) and while we were on vacation! =(


  1. Two things: Way to GO on 38 lbs. I'm so totally jealous. Also: Our leaders have said that if you're doing ok on 29 points, you can stay on 29 points daily.

  2. thanks! =) OK.. I'm nervous but I'm taking your advice and changing my daily to 29 and see if I still lose weight!! =)

    I notice I tend to go over a few points when I do the 26.. so instead of it eating up my weekly (49 not 45 sigh..) I can try and do what i was doing BEFORE they changed it (and when I'm not in Florida): use my dailies and leave my weeklies alone as much as possible.

    Obviously I ate up a BUNCH of weekly points plus at Disneyland yesterday.. I had 4 left for dinner and jus said 'screw it' to that and had a croissant sandwich with salad.. We walked over 17k steps yesterday and it didn't affect my weigh in at all (in that I was 131.3 yesterday morning and was the same today). =)

    You have any advice for Sean?? He worked in Florida A LOT this last year, works weird hours and they tend to go to places where eating on points isn't an option.. or they order pizza in.. sigh..

  3. Unfortunately, I don't. He's lost more weight than I did this year... ;) The one thing I did notice works better for me wouldn't necessarily work for someone who's on the road, unfortunately. My best successes come when I start my day with a protein rich breakfast and eat two "snack" sized meals instead of lunch, including fruits & veggies and lots to drink. Then I have plenty of points left for dinner. The breakfast fills me up really really well and gets me through lunch(es) without needing a lot of food.