Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Two steps forward, one step back

My weight loss graph has the two steps forward, one step back look to it. Starting last year at 250, I got very close to 220 in September. Then, I had spent about 8 out of 12 weeks in Florida on both work and vacation. I'm now at 235. So, two steps forward (lost 30 pounds), one step back (gained 15 pounds).

Looking at the one step back, I know what mistakes I made to stumble:

  1. I never tracked my weight. It can be a challenge to find a scale at a hotel that doesn't have a gym. And even a hotel gym is not necessarily going to have a scale.
  2. I didn't always track my food intake. A definite no-no. Looking ahead to this year, the simply filing technique may be an option.
  3. I rarely tracked drinks. On average, a "drink" is 5 points.

So, knowing my mistakes is half the battle. The next part is following through on the lessons. Here's to more lost in 2012.

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