Saturday, December 24, 2011

If I gain weight this week..

Happy Christmas Eve! I'm still tracking my food! But if I gain weight I got a good reason or two.. or three.. Could be the chocolate cravings I had last night (satisfied with 2 servings of Ghirardeli chocolate squares..) or..
Nickel Diner
Or it could be my choice for Christmas Eve breakfast at The Nickel:
Cameron's Puppy Pile
Cameron's Puppy Pile. Cause I was craving pancakes & meat.. I ended up having half the fried egg.. that saved me a point (which came in handy for the sausage which is a full sized chicken apple sausage) and the pancakes.. buttermilk pancakes, that is.

Good Stuff and really hit the spot. I should be set for the rest of the day right?? ;P

Nickel Diner Breakfast Menu

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