Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 08

So I gained a little more this week.. I haven't been on plan. I've had sweet things and cheeseburgers.. I haven't been exercising. Granted I got over 11,000 steps in yesterday.. Getting my steps in isn't enough.. It's not enough to do it every few days I need to be getting my steps in every day. As well to NOT eat my weeklies. They're there for special occasions, not for me to just snack because I'm watching a movie or because it's Oscars night.. I'm going to be stressed out more than usual the next several weeks. I should make a point to try harder not to let myself go for food when that happens.

Wk08 27 Feb 2012: 180.4lbs
Wk07 20 Feb 2012: 180.2lbs
Wk06 13 Feb 2012: 180.2lbs

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