Monday, April 4, 2011

Personal Trainer Coach: Walking

Every week or so you consecutively make your step target on the Personal Trainer: Walking game for the Nintendo DS, you get an option to increase your walking target by another 1,000 steps.. I was putting it off for a week or so but finally gave in the other night to increasing it to 7,000.
target increased to 7000 per day
I was able to get my target during my morning "Walk it Out" session..

active time so far today..
My total active time was 74minutes (while I was doing the "Walk it Out" on the wii) My steps are still being recording by the activity meter while I do some housework, run some errands or check the mail.. Knowing I have my step target taken care of already, relaxes me just a bit and gives me once less thing to think about..

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