Monday, April 4, 2011

End of Week 13

Weigh in day.. and I'm just short of my 10%.. but I'm sure I'll get it this week!!!

04 Apr 2011: 198.2 lbs
28 Mar 2011: 199.4 lbs
21 Mar 2011: 200.7 lbs

On a personal note: Sean has given up (diet)soda for Lent and while I haven't, I am drinking less of it.. I miss my Cherry Coke Zero. We went to McDonalds on Saturday & I had diet coke w/ my breakfast (I can't do coffee or juice in the morning.. doesn't stay down..) it just wasn't quite the same. I passed up getting a bottle of Coke Zero at Costco when we went. It's not nice to wave forbidden things in front of people trying to abstain.

Instead we've been drinking lots of Diet Snapple and water (and I order iced tea where I can tolerate it.. don't like the "tea" in the soda fountain).

One thing I've learned from this is I need to remind myself now & again: "yes, Diet Rootbeer and 7-UP are soda too.." Just because I don't prefer them doesn't make it so.. LOL

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