Monday, April 25, 2011

End of Week 16

25 Apr 2011: 196.4 lbs

18 Apr 2011: 197.2 lbs
11 Apr 2011: no weigh in (Florida)
04 Apr 2011: 198.2 lbs

Spent last weekend in the Bay Area.. After abstaining from food, Friday night I split 2 orders of garlic fries at the Giants game as well ate a veggie dog w/ fixings and bun. Tried some of Sean's chowder in a breadbowl (ate most of the top).

Saturday we ate at Public House where I had half a Reuben sandwich, half a bacon avo burger, and a scoop of yummy chocolate salt Humphrey Slocombe ice cream for dessert (and 2 Tiburon Blonde ales).

Sunday we ate breakfast at Sally's (chorizo scramble, 2 corn tortillas & 2 cups of French Roast w/ milk & Splenda).. lunch @ Doyle Street (Asian Chicken salad minus much of the dressing the noodles scraped to the side & 2 cups of coffee w/ cream & sweetener)& dinner at Pasta Pomodoro (healthy chicken & half a side order of spinach salad w/ iced tea)

So.. despite being good during the week, last weekend was full of indulgences..I'm grateful I lost any weight at all; but it was a good time & a good Easter.

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