Monday, April 18, 2011

End of Week 15

I got my 10%
18 Apr 2011: 197.2 lbs

11 Apr 2011: no weigh in (Florida)
04 Apr 2011: 198.2 lbs
28 Mar 2011: 199.4 lbs

So I re-adjusted my goal on weight tracker to 150 lbs.. which is what my little tracking thing on the side column is set to. The Weight Watchers Weight tracker app says my ideal weight is 117-146 so we'll see what I do if/when I make 150 lbs.

Last week in Orlando wasn't ideal eating (we started w/ attending the Celebration Pie Festival on Sunday the 12th!) but I did do a lot of walking.. one day I did well over 30,000 steps.. Ironically the day I went to the mall with our friend Stacey I walked the least. Maybe I did more shopping than walking. ;P

One of my favorite walking loops was walking from the Studios (formerly MGM) around the Boardwalk, Yacht & Beach Club resorts.. and back again. Walking EPCOT isn't as ideal as I thought it would be as there's a lot of hovering and guest congestion in many spots. Magic Kingdom is next to impossible to get in a 'zone' for walking. Animal Kingdom is better but there's a lot of people stopping there as well. Walking around Riverside (the resort we stayed at) is pretty good as long as you're not stuck behind a horse carriage. =)

I'll be doing some walk it out today most likely.

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