Wednesday, July 3, 2013

week zero.. again

I've been off program the last few weeks during June. I spent over 2 weeks in Florida, first as part of Sean's first 'workation' of this year (they've been cutting back on travel with the project he's working on..) and then less than a week after we returned, I was flying back to Florida as my mom's partner of some 22 years passed on. He'd been terminally ill w/ brain cancer since January. We were glad to visit the short time we did before he passed.. but yes, it's been rough on his family and on my mom.

Suffice to say I haven't been able to stay on program.. haven't really concerned myself with it that much. When I was walking around the World during the workation*, I just tried to stay focused on getting my 10k+ steps in (and managed very well thank you!) and getting in my 2 milks and 6 servings of fruits and veg.. which I did alright.

my steps for today!
my best day's walking while in Orlando the first week of June 2013.

The following week or so (from the 14th through the 25th) at my mom's was another story; getting my milk and fruit/veg in actually was more difficult. Kind friends and neighbors were bringing by a stream of naughty desserts and huge casseroles. I managed to get my 10k steps in most days believe it or not by just running around the house helping my mom organize, sort and put away things..

When we got home late Tuesday night I didn't bother to count points the remainder of the week. I weighed in on Monday at 195.5 which was actually a 2+ pound drop for me from whenever I last weighed in.. about a month or so ago.

So going back on program I'm starting over, yet again... Maybe I shouldn't focus on the weight so much but on the behaviors. Focus on getting my proper food in and getting my steps in.

I want to feel good about myself but I think focusing on my health more than what I'm eating might be a better change for me right now. For now.

*workation.. usually means Sean is working while I am on "vacation"

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