Monday, April 15, 2013

Week 15

15 Apr 2013: 194.8
08 Apr 2013: 196.6
last week: 199.3
25 Mar 2013: 196.3

This time I remembered Meatless Monday and had cereal. We had one last cup of the Special K Chocolatey Strawberry.. which I don't recommend unless you prefer Special K Strawberries..

Despite not being a fan of Special K Strawberry I cut up some FRESH strawberries we picked up from Berkeley Bowl West and added to my cereal. By the time I got the berries cut up & put in the cereal the freeze dried ones Kellogg's uses finally rehydrated for the most part (which is the main reason I don't like their berries.. they're dry and hard and funky usually if I don't mix the cereal up and wait). Adding the fresh berries helped the taste and texture a lot!

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