Monday, July 15, 2013

Week One: Weekends Blow it!

Today's weigh-in was 196.2 pounds.. that's a 3oz loss. Oh boy.. I know I should be glad for anything.. but what ticks me off is that at some point this past week I had gotten down to 194.5.. but then the weekend happened.

Saturday we ran errands and I managed to get some 18k steps in and over an hour of walking.. but I still ate a big breakfast. Sunday we took public transit to the Presidio for Off the Grid's Picnic in the Park where I ate half a cheeseburger with brie.. and a scoop of some seriously yummy Humphrey Slocombe.

Dinner was at Jupiter where we split some serously good beet salad and a veggie pizza in the thoughts we'd have leftovers for Meatless Monday.. no such luck! We devoured that thing!

So yeah, weekends I seem to blow it. Even with sharing and getting plenty of walking in, I seem to use up all my weeklies. Yes, I know they're there to be used. It doesn't mean I HAVE to use them, because I don't.

On good days, (when we have a good abundance of fruit for snacking) I do well to stay within my daily point target.. A couple days last week, I even let a couple dailies go unused. I was full. I was fine. No snacking required. Other days, not so much. I can't help but wonder if maybe I should change my weigh-in day to Friday. Weekends just blow it for me.

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