Monday, October 17, 2011

End of Week 41

Posting from the World.. I'm using yesterday's weigh in at my mom's for the official.. just as a warning..

17 Oct 2011 183.4 lbs
10 Oct 2011 183.6 lbs
03 Oct 2011 182.8 lbs

It's supposed to rain in the World today but I'm still hoping to get my steps in.. Since I had to come back to the room it turns out that housekeeping was already here so I'm uploading most of the Halloween Party pix to flickr.. (I think Sean has many on his cel as well) as the battery died in the middle of the parade I think.

This week should be super fun (and challenging) food-wise. It being food & wine fest while we're here.. I need to make some smart choices.. or just keep walking.. =)

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