Monday, October 10, 2011

End of Week 40

Still on that plateau..
10 Oct 2011 183.6 lbs

03 Oct 2011 182.8 lbs
26 Sept 2011 183.3 lbs
19 Sept 2011 183.4 lbs
12 Sept 2011 185.5 lbs

Today I'm including a short list of things we are not allowed to have in our home anymore (because I can't finish the bag before they go bad):
1. craisins
2. Famous Amos Cookies
3. big container of hummus

or... they are just too naughty to have around:

1. nutella
2. ginormous bag of peanut M&Ms

Also I seem to eat better when we go out to eat because I think about what I am eating more.. I snack too much at home. I am a snacker. I come from a family of snackers.. (My dad is a snacker. My mom is a snacker..) I am probably the only person (or famale at least) who I know thinks gerkins cream cheese & buddhig ham is a good hors d'oearvre or braunschweiger on toast is a nice treat now & again. And don't get me started on cheese. I love cheese.. **Sigh** Can you tell I'm from the Midwest?? ;P

The weight gain this week is water weight though.. and the M&Ms I had I'm sure..

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