Saturday, June 18, 2011

MorningStar Farms

MorningStar Farms Chipotle Black Bean Veggie Burger

Chipotle Black Bean Burger

We purchased a box at Costco.. it comes as 12 pack and each patty is about 120g or as it says on the box "1/4 pound size!" Whatever.. All I know is each one is 5 points plus so I heated one up and put a spoonful of Costco salsa (it's the only one we have left that didn't say "use within 7 days of opening" otherwise I'd have used the good stuff..)

I like morningstar farms veggie burgers.. I don't know why we thought we might not like these. I do. They are just a littlest bit 'spicy' (that's got to be the chipotle seasoning people) but I'm thinking if I had some fresh avacado or gaucamole, that would have gone well with it.. or maybe a spicier, hotter salsa.

It had a bit of chargrilled flavoring to the edge, I suppose to make it more "authentic" or something. Personally I don't want my veggie burger to taste like it was cooked with meat in it. When I want a real cheeseburger I'll eat a real cheeseburger.. when I want a veggie burger, I want a veggie burger.

Tonight I wanted a veggie burger. It was good!

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