Monday, June 13, 2011

End of Weeek 23

little gain this week..

13 June 2011: 191.8 lbs
06 June 2011: 191.3 lbs

The mistakes made this week are not exercising like we were doing in Orlando.. or not doing the "Walk it Out" (just haven't been in the mood so we need to change that)

I also think some of my food choices weren't the best. When I eat things that aren't the best for me I usually opt for healthy sides.. for example if I can have a salad or fresh fruit rather than fries I will. Last Thursday I ate a late dinner from a food truck... split a lemon grass chicken and a pork banh mis as well had a taco (that had 2 tortillas on it) Sunday I had half a side of french fries with a buffalo chicken sandwich I've been craving off and on.. I did remove the top bun and had it with no blue cheese but the chicken itself (being breaded) was NOT the thing to have.. nor the fries. I usually ask for a salad instead of fries but yesterday for some reason I didn't bother. I need to remember to bother and ask.

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