Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ready to Wear

Supposedly I've lost about 14lbs (between being stressed and sick.. well, nothing's permanent til it is). I haven't noticed any viewable changes. My 38/30 jeans fit OK these days.. and by "OK" I mean I don't have to lay down on the bed anymore to put them on. I did try that with my 36/30s.. and well.. we won't be trying that anytime soon! =) (Maybe when I hit my 10% goal)

Today I did notice something. Being sick I'm out of clothes etc so I ended up having to wear one of my few 'girl-y' clothes.. my Merona Size 16 crop pants. I was able to put those on without sucking anything in. Yay! Honestly I don't remember ever being able to wear these (even when new) without sucking something in.. my gut or my butt. So hurray for the little things.

Yes, I'm still obese I know this.. but I'm getting there.. and if I keep up the 2 lbs a week thing I should be to my goal weight by December. Right now I'm on track to hit my 10% before May... Every little bit helps!

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