Monday, February 21, 2011

Making Good Choices

Why the Gain??

Rather than losing any weight, I actually gained a half pound. I'm trying to keep myself accountable as to why I might have actually gone the wrong direction a little bit.

First of all, the past week I didn't do "Walk it Out" for most of the week/weekend before.. I was sick in bed from about Friday to Thursday this past week after Sean got released from Good Samaritan (we think I caught the flu somewhere). When I did feel better I tried to make up for it and did manage to get my walking in. I think I would have shown a bigger weight gain if I'd done nothing.

Along with the lack of exercise, my food choices weren't the best. I usually don't use my activity points or go in the hole if I can help it.

Thursday last week we had dinner at Starry Kitchen..
Taiwanese Fried Pork Chop in a wrap

I thought I was doing OK but I got a wrap instead of a salad.. The "wrap" was a 13 inch flour tortilla which is about 10 points plus on its own!! Holy Cow.. I'm sticking with the salad from here on out.. That one mistake cost me a LOT of my accrued points.

Saturday I had a LOT of points left after going out to dinner at The Nickel.. (I ordered the 'eat your vegetables' without the mashed potatoes and it was still about 4 points plus (the buttermilk mashed potatoes would have cost about 15 points plus if I had allowed myself to have them). Since I had a bunch of points left over we headed to Big Man Bakes to get some minis.

I still don't know how many points the minis actually are.. but Sean weighed them at about 28g each. We guestimated them at 3 points plus.. I had 3. I was done for the day. I didn't use any activity points or weekly points. Still, that's about 9 points of minis vs. 3 servings of yogurt or.. 3 cups of cereal or 3 servings of Pop Chips or a tablespoon of guacamole and some chips, or a protein style In N Out burger. There's lots of things you can do with 9 points and I decided to treat myself to minis. Those are empty calories I just had.

Sunday night we had dinner at Urban Noodle which is like an Asian Fusion sort of place.. well it's a noodle place (not a Pho place) and I ordered Beef Chow Fun:
about a cup of beef chow fun
According to my tracker 1cup of Beef Chow Fun is 9 points plus.. so I measured that out onto my plate the best I could.. I also had a pork bun appetizer (which arrived after our dinner did) and that thankfully is about 5 points plus according to the tracker. I don't think what I had was very healthy but it was yummy.. and I have some leftover for today's lunch.

The weird thing is.. Sean & I would split the beef chow fun in the past (and have at least one appetizer) and I would manage to be full. I told Sean that I wasn't stuffed and I definitely could have eaten more.. so while the food is still good, having less of it didn't satisfy me and I blew all those points.

I think the thing for me would be to eat more salad or veggies and compliment that with some semi-bad choices. When I eat stuff like the chow fun, I should partner it with a side salad (assuming something like that is available) The good thing is Urban Noodle does have an Asian Chop Salad.. so I will give that a go next time..

and when I have something like 9 or 10 points left in the day I should probably lay off the mini cupcakes.. Once in a while is OK but having it be a 1/3 of my daily intake was not a good idea..

While I don't know if any of these choices were what contributed to me gaining weight it probably didn't help.. This whole thing is a learning experience though. I'm learning as I go.


  1. OOOF. I saw the pix and thought: nothing but carbs (points).

    Seriously hoping this "mesclun" salad patch I'm planting this week grow some seedlings.

    Also, pairing a salad with a chow fun seems so odd. Why don't these Asian fusion joints just offer a quick steamed/stir fried vegetable is beyond me.

  2. =) yeah I can have carbs but they sure aren't a good thing to have as a whole meal. Sean was really craving the Urban Noodle (it used to be our go-to place for cheaper yummy noodles) I would eat the whole plate & be stuffed.. which it turns out makes sense if there's about 3 servings in there! I was really wary of getting the chow fun but Sean was like "go ahead!" ugh.. well he ate about a cup and that left a cup for me to have for lunch today.. I am so hungry right now. This sucks.

    I don't think Urban Noodle has any side salads but Starry Kitchen does. They aren't super healthy either.. but at least they have some options. Urban Noodle has a couple entree salads. Their Asian Chop Salad comes with chicken breast strips. *sigh* I think I should just avoid noodle places altogether from here on out..

    Pete's Cafe, while not my favorite I can still do as well as Nickel Diner. Both have salads, veggie options, meat that you can pare down or get the toppings on the side.. just not dessert. =)

    One downside about living downtown.. no gardens (not that I could grow anything myself) but it sounds like you got a good idea growing some of your own veggies! It's healthy, easy to get once you have it matured. We have a few options on where we get our produce, so that's something I guess.