Monday, February 7, 2011

End of Week 5

Another Monday! Today's weigh in was not so good. I know WHY I gained, but here's where the blogging gets a little too personal for me.

Let's just blame it on the Super Bowl and leave it at that?? =)

07 Feb 2011: 211.6
31 Jan 2011: 209.7

I'm just bummed b/c I was so close to that 5% goal.


  1. Well, it was just a little gain and the good news is that you're in your second month now of dieting. That's an achievement right there!

    The Super Bowl was a big temptation to eat, but now that you've made it through that you just have to tough it out through Valentine's Day, another shaky period.

    Since I've had to cut back on working out (temporarily I hope!), I've increased my cardio and I've been losing weight. I'm not sure how much since the gym scale is so inaccurate, but last week at my doctor's appointment I weighed 203.8. I'm hoping to take it down to 185, but the Thai food I plan to pick up later today should slow me down a bit.

    Is your 5%% goal for a month or so many weeks? Also, it's great that you can eat fruit, but I remember that you removed avocado from your salad. Is avocado taboo?

  2. Hey there Joe! I sent you a longer email.. but let me answer the thing about the avocado here.

    I *heart* avocado or quacamole.. and yes it's a fruit AND it's a healthy fat.. I used to treat myself to avocado once in a while because it is a healthy fat.. but when I'm short on points like that one day and a serving of Avocado runs about 5 points plus (when I only have a half dozen to enjoy the salad.. a half of chicken breast is about 3 points plus.. so it benefits me more to avoid the Avocado..)

    On Super Bowl Sunday Sean measured out a couple tablespoons for me to enjoy with some chips.. OMG that won't happen too often!!)

    Sean says he may start updating here.. and after the adventure he's had this week it'll be interesting to see where he puts it.

    Our steps have been off the last couple days but hopefully we'll get him out and about today..

    The 5% goal btw was suggested by the Weight Tracker app and doesn't give a timeline.. The 1-2lbs loss a week is my own secret goal.

    I'm glad the cardio is helping keep you fit.. remember to not overdo yourself (and see my email about any other thing)

    I hope we can meet up one of these weeks!! Please take care