Monday, July 13, 2015

Stressing on Points

06 JULY: 196.3

13 JULY: 193.0

3.3lb difference. In an ideal world one wants to lose about a pound a week.. but I haven't been on program for a while so often a bit of weight is lost the first week or two, depending on what one has been up to.

To be honest I didn't track a couple days this past week, I went through a bit of stress what with my laptop/bag getting stolen earlier in the week, as well a considerable dissapointment of another kind that I still am not really able to deal with at the moment, (though I suppose I will soon enough) and going out to eat yesterday for my one big meal.

Not a perfect week, but not a bad week, I managed to walk most every day. Walking to & from the library gets me about 40-50 minutes of active walking, and anything else is just bonus.. Walking to School and back is ideal, and I'll be doing that 3x a week come the Fall.

My main problem is reaching for snacks when I'm feeling stressed.. and this past week I've been a bit stressed. The other problem is getting proper meals in. When I've been at the library in the past, I don't eat. It's not that I don't want to eat, it's just a pain to leave the work I'm doing. I try to have some tea before I start and then eat when I go home or before class. The thing I need to remind myself is that no one is going to come by and ask me to get some lunch or check on me.. and why should they?? I need to find a good stopping point and remember to treat myself decent.

My daily target is now 26 points with the 49 weeklies. In a perfect world I like to use my activity points rather than the weeklies. That's my daily goal anyway.. Keep off those weeklies! Yes they are there to be used, but if I walk an hour a day, why would I need to if I'm eating healthy most of the time?? IMHO, of course.

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