Monday, September 19, 2011

Savor the Yumminess

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Running our bi-monthly errands is hungry work. I blew 12 points plus on this yummy and decadent version of The Habit's BBQ Bacon Char Burger for Sunday lunch. This is sans cheese, mayo or bun.. (they actually offer a lettuce wrapped option on their menu) so I don't have to stick with the BBQ chicken salad (at 11 pp) if I'm not wanting the big salad.

I did opt for a side salad tho.. (pictured in background) One thing if I ever do this again.. EAT THE SALAD FIRST!

I was depressed for the loss of that yummy grilled onion,bbq and bacon taste in my mouth once I ate the salad.. and part of what I enjoy about being naughty is being able to savor the yumminess!

Lesson hard learned..

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