Monday, September 5, 2011

End of Week.. 35?

let's see.. I forgot to post my weigh in last week.. and the week before that I was in Florida.. so..

05 Sept 2011 183.5 lbs

29 August 2011 186.5 lbs
22 August 2011 (FLORIDA)
15 August 2011 185.8 lbs
08 August 2011 186.0 lbs
01 August 2011 190.5 lbs

Really having trouble moving beyond the 185/186 mark.. I did try to stay on program while I was in Florida, but despite trying to go for healthier options there is a lot to temp oneself with and then there's things that you can't really do much about.. the not knowing what is in things or the exact amount of serving portions.. Sean & I don't share our plates yet so much (other than to order 2 of something and split both plates).

The other day I had a hard time not being hungry between meals. Having a half portion of pita chips and hummus doesn't really satisfy.. and it literally eats up a lot of points plus (2pp for a 1oz serving of hummus and 2pp for 14g of pita chips.. a full serving would have been 8pp which is about 1/3 of my daily allotment *sigh*).

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