Monday, August 8, 2011

End of Week 31

08 August 2011 186.0 lbs
01 August 2011 190.5 lbs *gain*
25 July 2011 *no weigh in* (was in Orlando)

Yay! all that walking in Orlando paid off hopefully.. My weight dropped within a couple days of returning from Florida.. thinking I was retaining some water from all that humidity and the fact I physically unable to sweat much.

Turning 43 and finding I'm still tempted by sweets but trying to keep it in check. Today's treat is a half of cupcake later.. and I already walked at least to my 9k steps today (walking meter was green when I got home from errands today!)

So if I can keep up the momentum, I'm about halfway to my initial goal weight of 150! 36 lbs to go! (then 20: my last 20lbs!) My mini (secret) goal is to be at 170 by December.. that's 16 lbs in 4mo.. we'll see!

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