Monday, August 1, 2011

End of Week 30

Despite doing a lot of walking last week, I didn't do enough to keep from gaining weight.. of course the 2 buffet meals didn't help (or the ice cream sundae I had last Friday night).

01 August 2011 190.5 lbs *gain*
25 July 2011 *no weigh in* (was in Orlando)
18 July 2011: 188.2 lbs *gain*
11 July 2011: 187.8 lbs

I think I need to work on making better food choices when I'm at the World. I need to NOT allow myself so much naughtiness just because I'm walking more. Staying within my 29 points is very difficult when at the World and in social situations.

When we go out in December Sean & I will need to not only NOT eat at Buffets but will need to begin splitting meals.

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