Monday, July 11, 2011

End of Week 27

Difference of a half pound this week..
11 July 2011: 187.8 lbs

04 July 2011: 188.3 lbs
27 June 2011: 192.2 lbs

Surprise! Sean is starting to blog here too!! He's been on this weight loss journey with me & has actually done a bit better than me.. He just doesn't like to brag about it. ;P

Also.. I started feeling run down (cough/sore throat) last Thursday I want to say.. and now I got a full blown cold. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I last went out and about Tuesdsay of last week.. so it seems like I can't go out without catching something from someone or somewhere. *grumble*

Looking forward to feeling better though because this is just awful. Not getting any sleep even with the nightime cold medicine. Switching to Sudafed today so maybe the post nasal drip will at least stop. Sean's getting tix to see HP7.1 & HP7.2 for Thursday night.. So I've got something to look forward to! Must get well!

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