Monday, February 11, 2013

Week 6

and yes I ate my 'weeklies' but we also got some walking in Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday.. so almost 2 lbs. We'll see if it sticks! =)

11 Feb 2013: 202.0 lbs
04 Feb 2013: 203.9 lbs
28 Jan 2013: 204.7 lbs

Today being Meatless Monday I don't have anything interesting to share today on the meatless front... Sean celebrates Ash Wednesday so we'll be Meatless Wednesday too.. I don't know if we'll give up meat for Lent.. Judging by the giant packet of Aidells sausage we picked up at Costco, I seriously doubt it.

I'm thinking rather than giving up something for Lent, taking up a new habit.. or at least getting myself to do a habit.. It could be 20min (or more?) on the stationary bike EVERY day or depending on how things work out.. joining a gym or a class of some kind. With the weather being as nice as it has been I think a ride outside wouldn't be out of the question. Traffic always makes me nervous though, so we'll see. =)

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